Part Market Research. Part Learning. Total Intelligence.

What happens when you collide a robust survey toolset with learning and drip marketing tools? You wind up with Opinion Range™ - a new and unique online market research platform that combines the ease of online market research (rich online surveys) with opportunities to test messages and information for impact. Opinion Range™ lets you implement “by invitation” surveys. It can collect data from surveys implemented over a timeline, and enhance each survey activity with delivery of information – as multimedia such as video, interactives and even games. In what makes Opinion Range™ truly powerful, the online platform allows personalized follow-up questioning. On review of any respondents’ answers, personalized questions may be composed and published by the survey implementer. While this doesn’t make an Opinion Range survey synchronous, it uniquely allows asynchronous interactions with an individual through personalized follow-up questions deployed in (a) subsequent/supplemental round(s) of questioning.

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